Every high-quality textile can also be used for promotional purposes. This doesn’t just have to mean classic t-shirts and baseball caps. Stylish polo shirts, for example, are also suitable.

Promotional textiles

There’s no need to spend a huge amount of money for your company to be successful and stand out from the crowd. An advertising spot on television may be very effective, but it’s too expensive for most small companies. Even things that seem trivial can benefit your company. For example, one option is promotional textiles.

·        Just buy a number of the same t-shirts, and have your company logo either printed or embroidered on them.

·        The t-shirts can then serve as company uniform, or a nice gift for your customers or business partners.

But it doesn’t have to be just t-shirts. Shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps can also become promotional textiles. Hotels and restaurants use hand and bath towels for these purposes.

§   This is advantageous for two reasons.

1)     When the logo is displayed in a suitable way, the hand towels’ design improves.

2)     Affixing the name of the hotel or restaurant partially eliminates the theft of these textiles. If you bring home a hand towel that bears the name of a famous restaurant, then it’s clear to everyone that you didn’t buy it in a shop.

Your company logo will be an excellent addition to corporate clothing

So practically anything can become a promotional textile. Polo shirts are very popular in offices, hotels and restaurants. They’re very comfortable, and really suit everyone. Polo shirts are also sufficiently stylish, so you can include them in your employees’ wardrobes. 

·        You just need to choose a suitable colour which your logo will stand out properly on.

·        That definitely won’t be a problem, because polo shirts are available in eleven different shades.

Another advantage of this type of clothing is its material, which is 100% cotton. It can therefore even be worn by people with allergies, or those who are sensitive to synthetic materials. Sportswear must undoubtedly excel in its quality, too. Modern sports fabrics are used for these types of garments. Outdoor sportswear basics are primarily a t-shirt and jacket, or a sweatshirt. In the winter, it’s advisable to add high-quality thermal underwear.

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