100% cotton caps in a broad palette of colours. 6P (six panel) and 5P (five panel) designs. Adjustable fastening size.
Would you use a suitable head covering as a promotional solution, or part of a work or leisure activity? In that case, you’ll find green promotional hats and baseball caps useful.
The practical cap, with a 100% cotton peak, is an excellent clothing accessory for employees, children participating in camps, or adults and children in sports clubs and at various other events. It also serves as a perfect place for advertising or promotions. Not only will none of your people get lost, but thanks to the print or embroidery, everyone will immediately know who they belong to, or whose services and products they use. In addition to the modern design, which has five or six panels, they are also the perfect shape and the size is easily adjustable thanks to the high-quality fastening that uses a metal clip or a plastic strap. The choice of colours won’t disappoint you either, with a varied palette including red, blue, green, black, yellow, and many others.
The modern and practical cap will not only make you more visible, but you'll also be highly satisfied.



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