Given their perfect properties, cotton fabrics are unbeatable. We can find them practically everywhere. From formal suits to sportswear.

Man shall not live on bread alone. Fashion and cotton today

In the modern world, there is probably no wardrobe that does not contain something made of cotton. Fabrics and other products made from this material are considered the most comfortable, which is also why they’re most often used for the production of both clothing and bed linen.

·   Cotton clothes are breathable, and even suitable for people with allergies and sensitivities.

·   That’s why it’s also used to make garments for our little ones.

Almost all types of clothing are made from cotton. So it can be said that this fabric will never go out of fashion. Cotton is currently also used as a base during the production of other types of fabrics. Elastic thread, which guarantees the fabric’s elasticity, is often added to it. If you’re reading labels, you may come across information about the presence of added polyester or elastane. Cotton is also used in the production of sportswear, where it forms one of its layers.

Cotton for both social events and sports

You’ll find cotton practically everywhere. It’s particularly suitable when we expect to get sweaty. Which means that we’ll choose cotton clothes not only for sport, but also for important social events.

·        Men’s cotton shirts or women’s cotton dresses are therefore a good choice.

Cotton scarves, which you can literally work wonders with, are also very popular. All you have to do is buy a single-colour piece and dye it, for example using batik. And suddenly you have an original, ever modern, accessory for your outfit. You can also sew a stylish summer skirt from cotton batik scarves. The sky is the limit.

Is it really cotton?

And how will you know that you haven't chosen wrongly when making your selection, and you’re really holding cotton clothes in your hand? All you have to do is take one thread and light it. If it ignites easily, burns with a bright flame, smells like burnt paper and after burning you’re left with grey ash, then it’s cotton.

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