We now offer printing and embroidery in our own production plant.

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When presenting your logo, we use the following technologies:

Screen printing

The printing principle involves pushing the dye through the permeable parts of the template onto the textile. Textile printing technology is suitable for printing a large quantity of one motif. For a smaller quantity, it can be manual, while for a large quantity it’s performed mechanically. High print quality, and motif wash resistance to 40 °C.


Transfer printing

This form of printing uses screen printing technology. The motif is first printed onto transfer paper and covered with glue. The finished motif is then ironed onto the textile. It is used for fabrics which cannot be printed on directly.

Transferový tisk

Digital printing

This technology is more expensive than screen printing. However, it’s suitable for the fast completion of orders with photographic quality and also for larger volumes. The printing is performed directly on pre-prepared textiles, using special inks. We use the latest Japanese technology from Brother, which ensures the motif is wash resistant to 40 °C.


Digitální tisk


The motif is embroidered directly on the product, or a separate piece of embroidery is created and then attached to the product. It’s a very impressive way to present your logo or motif. You can use embroidery on various types of fabric. To produce the embroidery, it is first necessary to create a programme, which we can only make from a high-quality template.