Self-promotion is very important for every company. However, attracting today’s picky customers can be more difficult than it first appears.

When should you use promotional textiles?

Many companies are constantly struggling to bring in new customers. Advertising is as old as mankind itself, and it works as well today as it ever has. Perhaps the form has changed, but the purpose is the same – to attract attention. However, smaller companies and start-ups in particular are often faced with limited advertising budgets, which can thwart many of their plans for good. One affordable yet effective solution is promotional textiles. When should you choose them, and what purpose should they fulfil?

You may know the rule that people most appreciate promotional items that they can continue to use. That’s why notepads, USB drives and even pens fly off advertising displays the fastest. Moreover, in recent years, companies have even taken advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and have begun including masks and disinfectant gels with their logo on. In short, nothing sells better than advertising!

Promotional items that customers can wear make up their own special segment. We don’t see these too often, as they represent a large initial investment for companies. However, a number of surveys have shown that promotional textiles are precisely the kind of advertising that customers see as the least intrusive. Meanwhile, others report that promotional textiles improve company recall for over 90 % of those surveyed. However, “promotional textiles” is a rather broad term, so we should classify them here by purpose.

Purpose and function

What are you planning on doing with the promotional textiles? Will you be handing them out at your company stand? In that case, T-shirts at maximum volume but minimum cost will probably come in handy. A white design, logo, and website address is sufficient. But if you need corporate outfits, the quality should matter just as much as the price. After all, they will be out there representing your company.


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