Nowadays, it’s not a problem to satisfy a customer with a wide range of high-quality t-shirts, polo shirts or shirts. The market offers a wide selection for everyone.

Choice of t-shirts for individuals and teams

The most common garment is the classic t-shirt, which is available for all generations and genders. Manufacturers certainly don't slack when it comes to their products, so everyone can choose not only the design itself, but also the colour that suits them. It can't hurt to choose several types, for example with a round or V-neck, which will suit average and larger figures very nicely. The choice of t-shirt is very important, as it should match the choice of trousers or shorts. Naturally, the material itself also says a lot. If it’s comfortable, wicks away sweat well and is also smart, it will add to the overall impression. Employers who intend to purchase company clothing and want to place a company logo or single print on the t-shirts should also pay attention to the quality of the garments. Not every material will be suitable for this.

You can’t go wrong with a classic

If we focus our attention on t-shirts, then the quality of the material is followed by choice of colour and the design itself. You can choose from sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved. Available in all sizes, naturally. A single-colour t-shirt can seem too dull to some, but it isn’t a problem to affix a print or try out a suitable message. Recently, short-sleeved cotton sports t-shirts with collars have been a big hit. Again, there are various colours on offer, as well as combinations of various colours and stripes. At this point, we’re getting close to shirts themselves, which naturally have their place in every wardrobe.

Shirts aren’t just for formal wear

Forget the idea that men’s shirts are only suitable for important meetings, where strict rules of social behaviour must be observed. It’s a bit of a misconception that this fashion element is only part of a formal suit. Shirts go well with a suit, jeans or, in the summer, with shorts. It definitely depends on the cut, the material, and lastly also a colour or pattern that goes well with shorts. A flowing shirt then looks very pleasing and attractive when the right combination is chosen. In terms of the shirts themselves, there’s also a large selection, so once again everyone can choose what’s most acceptable for them. A single-colour t-shirt combined with an unbuttoned shirt is a good combination too.

Basically, it’s very important that everyone feels good in their favourite attire. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shirt or t-shirt, but the material and design certainly matter. Unfortunately, any dissatisfaction will show externally, and then also in the individual’s overall attitude.

Another gauge is definitely the social prestige of the event, or the environment in which it’s held. For example, a ball in the Vienna State Opera certainly calls for a suit, or a dinner jacket and shirt, but if you meet your friends in a restaurant dressed like this, they won’t be able to stop laughing. And so it depends only on you and your taste whether you choose a shirt or a t-shirt. 

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