Today, buying clothes and shoes on the internet is quite simple, and almost without the risk of something not fitting you. All you have to do is take good measurements, and choose a reliable online shop. But make sure they are good measurements.

The size charts will help with your purchase

Nowadays, various online shops and delivery services are increasingly being used for shopping. A major advantage is undoubtedly the time saved. There’s no need to run around the shops or wait for a free cubicle in the changing room. We certainly all have plenty of experience of that. We can make a cup of coffee in peace, sit down with a laptop, computer or catalogue, and choose in comfort.

• But this shopping method also has one pitfall.

•  And that’s the possibility that not everything will fit exactly as it should.

Reliable mail order shops will certainly accommodate customers and exchange the goods in the event of any discrepancy. But it’s always unpleasant, so it’s better to prevent similar problems.

•   Size charts help us choose the right size.

•   However, it's not good to rely on universal size charts.

•   Every manufacturer sews their clothes differently, and there will also be a fundamental difference between a sweatshirt and a t-shirt, for example. So it’s not possible to just buy an “S” or “L”.

How to resolve this thorny situation?

If your chosen online shop has its own charts for every type of garment, then you’re onto a winner. In that case, there’s an almost 100% certainty that you’ll be completely satisfied.

•         A problem could also arise if you’re ordering clothes from a foreign country.

•         In that case, the risk is slightly higher.

 But with the right procedure, the risk is eliminated in this case too. All you have to do is find charts on the internet and convert the sizes into a form you understand.

   Even shoes can be bought online.

It no longer applies that shoes definitely have to be tried on, and cannot be purchased otherwise. Mail order shops and online shops have adapted to their customers to such an extent that you simply measure your foot “from all possible angles”, and then choose the right shoes. 

 Based on customer experience and the online shops themselves, and the ever-increasing interest in this shopping method, it seems that it really works.

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