Canvas versus plastic bags

You’ve surely noticed the change that has accompanied your purchases in various shops, department stores and supermarkets.
It’s a change relating directly to shopping bags, where plastic bags are gradually being replaced by paper and canvas.
It’s a change that has occurred primarily due to environmental reasons. So what are their advantages and disadvantages, and which is better?

 Canvas bags

In the past, canvas or net bags were a very common shopping companion. Therefore, it’s no surprise that nowadays they can be found in shoppers’ hands again. They’re environmentally friendly, they can withstand even a large load, and you can use them repeatedly and for a long time. When they get dirty, they can be easily washed and you can happily continue to use them, so the likelihood of them ending up in landfill any time soon is low.

Clever home-makers can even make a canvas or cloth bag at home, for example from leftover fabric, unused clothes and the like, and it can be repaired just as easily if it gets damaged. Otherwise, you can have them custom-made, or use various offers from retailers, who effectively promote their logo, which is usually included on these bags.

You can use them for anything, anywhere and anytime, and they’re available in various sizes, colours and patterns. That’s why cloth or canvas bags can also become an excellent fashion accessory for you, to complement your clothes or for various occasions.

You can easily carry an ordinary food shop, books or clothes in them, they’re suitable for holidays or outings, and they don’t take up unnecessary space in your bag. They’re also quiet, so you don’t disturb anyone by unnecessary rustling or searching for an opening when packing your shopping or other items.

Moreover, they save money, they’re environmentally friendly, they’re suitable for any purchase, they’re practical and aesthetically pleasing, and you can even use them as a great gift.

 Plastic bags

Until now, plastic bags were also our indispensable companion, but due to the huge burden on the environment they represent, they’re becoming less and less available. Plastic bags are made from polyethylene and polypropylene.

Although plastic bags are largely being replaced by canvas, paper and fabric, compared to paper bags, they’re not so bad. We can even find some advantages.

Compared to paper bags, plastic bags can carry a heavier load, they can be cleaned and used again if not too dirty, they’re recyclable, they can be used repeatedly, and you can use them for purposes other than shopping.

However, compared to canvas and fabric bags, they can’t carry such a heavy load, and let’s be honest, they don’t make a perfect fashion accessory either. So they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to the individual which one they choose, and which will suit them better for individual purchases and other activities.

From an environmental perspective, as well as in terms of other advantages, canvas or fabric bags do come out on top, but it always depends on individual consumers’ needs.

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