Canvas versus plastic bags

You’ve surely noticed the change that has accompanied your purchases in various shops, department stores and supermarkets. It’s a change relating directly to shopping bags, where plastic bags are gradually being replaced by paper and canvas.

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Natural fabrics

Our choice of clothing can affect not only our mood, but also our health. Recently, it was discovered that there are still hidden reserves of natural materials.

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Buying clothes and shoes online

Is it possible to shop for clothes and shoes on the Internet?

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Sizes of classic cut and stretch cut t-shirts and their dimensions

The table of sizes and dimensions of t-shirts will help you choose the right size

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Cotton fabrics and types of knit

When choosing clothing and other textiles, important selection criteria are not only current needs, price and aesthetic design, but also the fabrics themselves.

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The observance of laundry symbols is as important as the choice of washing powder.

Do you want to keep your clothes and other fabrics as good as new? The observance of laundry symbols is as important as the choice of washing powder.

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Washing and ironing aren't as simple as they seem.

Whoever thinks washing and ironing isn’t rocket science is mistaken. The changes that can occur in fabrics due to incorrect handling are usually irreversible.

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